Your perfect partner for healthy and tasty chips under your brand name

Our Mission

To develop and produce safe, innovative and tasty snacks for well-known brands for a healthier lifestyle in a fun, safe and respectful atmosphere.  

Our Vision

To be the leading producer of popped chips thanks to excellence and innovation.

Our Values


Adopt a positive and understanding behaviour and attitude in all exchanges and interactions between individuals.


To give everyone the opportunity to evolve and acquire new skills.


To be a pioneer, to improve and create new opportunities, to grow the company, to be one step ahead, to stimulate collective intelligence and to promote the freedom of enterprise.


Act as a good parent while being aware of the potential impacts of each action in terms of safety, quality, performance and the company's image.

Team spirit

Helping and supporting each other by listening to each other, sharing knowledge with trust and honesty, including all individuals in a spirit of cohesion.

Our Story

From the beginning to today...


Managerial team

Romain Rosier

General manager

Antonin Franck

Finance manager

Maxime Van de Poel

Operations manager

Jérôme van Kempen

Head of Sales

Marie-Charlotte Laduron

Quality manager

Fayçal Kefi

R&D manager

Gaëtan Dortu

Technical manager

Yvan Odeurs

HR manager

Emilie Bosquée

Project manager