Your best ally for creating healthy chips under your own brand

Let's create unique products together!

Our specialty? The production of popped chips for renowned brands.

How about it too? Contact us to share your aspirations with us and once we know your brand's vision and your target consummers, we developp prototypes specific to the flavors and textures that match yous wishes.


Tailor-made support

Our teams of R&D, product management and quality experts will support you at every stage of the development of your ideal chips.

We redefine excellence by creating

the best chips in the world.

Our nutritional claims

Rich in protein, fiber, low in sugars, saturated fatty acids

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans 

Gluten-free, nut-free, lactose-free, organic or kosher

Our flavours

Common or original seasonings

The base of our chips

A wide choice of ingredients

Our cooking method 

Our chips are not fried in oil but blown under pressure and heat 

Up to 60% less fat​

Innovation again and again
We take an interest in the market, we analyse the needs and we are constantly developing new proposals with the ultimate objective of creating exceptional snacks that are good for your health.


With your vision and our expertise, "Perfect" is the term that will define the popped chips we will have created together.


Is the noise you'll make when you taste them.

If you're as HOT as some of our seasonings, don't wait to reach out to us!